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Halo Weapons


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Weapon explanations and strategies

Human Weapons:
Rocket Launcher- shoots a slow moving rocket, semi-automatic, very powerfull, very accurate unless you get hit or turn really fast, huge splash-damage, easily kill someone with one shot, you don't want to rocket jump with this puppy, 2x zoom in,  clumsy melee, slow reload,  mostly anti-tank and anti-warthog weapon, also good for taking out groups
Sinper Rifle- Shoots an anti-matter projectile, semi-automatic, 4 shots per clip, up to 5 clips in storage, 5x and 10x zoom, only good for long range, medium-clumsy melee, need to lead a fast moving target at long distances,  A shot above the eyes close tot he midle of the head one shot one kill, other places usually 2 shots to kill, good weapon for campers, and defending
Ausalt Rifle- fully automatic, bad accuracy at long range, best melee, quick reload, takes about a clip to kill someone,
Pistol- semi-automatic projectile shooter, good accuracy, two shots above the eyes kills, usually around 4 or 5 shots to kill, good for a long range or medium range weapon, good melee
Shotgun- powerfull spread shot at close range, semi-automatic, point blank range 1 shot kill to upper body, usually 2 or 3 shots to kill, only good at close range don't bother any farther, quick melee, good for defending tight indoor environments
Alien Weapons People can't move when they are being shot with plasma, so shoot them when their backs are turned, its good to use a plasma weapon to make it so they can't move then switch to the shotgun to finish them off.
Plasma Pistol- The worst weapon in the game, semi-automatic plasma shots, hold it down and release for a bigger blast, this can take out a whole sheild, 3 big bursts can kill, about 20 regular shots will kill, good melee, overheats rarely
Plasma Rifle- Fully automatic plasma shooting, good at close range, really good melee, overheats if you shoot to long, kills in about 10 shots
Needler- most visualy apealing weapon in the game, shoots glowing pink needles that heat seek then explode when they get stuck in a body, good agianst people who aren't moving when you don't want to get close enough to melee
Rocket Launcher- only the alien ai can use this in the campaign mode charges up and shoots, usually kills in 2 or 3 shots, fast moving plasma rocket
Plasma Saber- looks like a light saber except it's shaped more like a doulbe bladed sword, only the alien ai uses it in campaign mode, kills in one swing