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Aiming Cheat


Best Games
Console Wars

for Time Splitters 2, Counter-Strike, and many other games

This cheat enables you to aim without zomming in, in counter-strike. It enables you to aim without entering aim mode, in Time Splitters 2 on Xbox, ps2, and GC. It also enables you to aim, in any game that doesn't give you cross hairs. This is a simple cheat that can greatly improve your aiming abilities.

Simply put an approximently 1mm by 1mm piece of tape or other object where your crosshairs normally would be. You can also draw a dot with a marker or other utencil, but this could damage your monitor/TV. To figure out where to put the cross hair in CS simply see where your crosshairs are when they show up, and put it there. In TS2 enter aim mode and dont press on the aim, keeping the crosshair in the center, then put tape there.

This is a very helpfull cheat, and gives you a big advantage.