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How to host a Xbox Lan party

Almost every multiplayer game on xbox has a LAN (Local Area Network) multiplayer option.  One of the best video game experiences is playing in a 16 player Halo LAN game.  However, not many people know how to set up a LAN for Xboxes, but fortunately, I can show you how. 
What you neeed
1. Xboxes, as many as you want
2. TV's, as many as your Xboxes
3. Controllers, as many as you want
4. People, as many as you want
5. An Ethernet Switch or Hub, as many ports as you want Xboxes, a switch is the best. 
6.  One Xbox System Link Cable or Ethernet Cat. 5 Crossover Cable, for the Xbox that will be creating the games, this goes in the uplink port on the switch/hub.
7.  As many Ethernet Cat. 5 Patch Cables as you want Xboxes minus 1, these go in the numbered ports on the switch/hub.
The setup looks like this picture.  If you already have a Xbox System Link Cable you can use that, otherwise you need one Crossover Ethernet Cat. 5 Cable.  You can pretty much look at the picture and see how to set it up.  I will go more in depth later, but i'm tired now, and need to catch some z's.

how to set up a xbox lan

Set up a 16 player halo game!