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Here are some sega vmu animator movies I made. Click on the links to download them.

click here to go to and download sega vmu animator

If you are having problems downloading the VMU movies directly to your vmu, go to and search to find these VMU animations. You can easily download animations directly to your VMU there.

zip format of boat dm

ctf in the zip format

zip format of team dm

zip format of ben's UT

Below are LocoPollo certified StarCraft maps, download at will.

LocoPollo Ash

LocoPollo Badlands

LocoPollo Desert

LocoPollo Jungle

1 2cpu vs. 5insane cpus 3r

Below are logos (spray paint images) for Half-life. Just put them in your half-life logo folder, and select them in options.

official locopollo color spraypaint- rename to pldecal.wad and put in the directory of the game your playing (ex. c:\sierra\halflife\dod) and replace the other file

official locopollo color spraypaint- put in the directory of the game your playing (ex. c:\sierra\halflife\dayofdefeat) and replace the other file

locopollo logo

says if you read this you are dead

UnrealTournament logo

the sega swirl

Click here to go to FA-Nations and download firebot for firearms half-life modification

firebot waypoints for all levels. Updated 8/22/01

click here to download the locopollo battle cry for firearms: replace C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\firearms\sound\radio\battle_cry.wav with this

download the locopollo keychain -just print it off and cut it out

The highly demanded LOCOPOLLO BACKGROUND, just open the file and set it as you background!!!

locopollo bookmark 1

Halo Manual