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Console Wars

Unreal Tournament
Published by Infogrames
Platform: Sega Dreamcast

Unreal Tournament

Game description and comments:

UT is a first person shooter. The kind of game where all you see is your arm holding the gun. The gameplay is all about multiplayer. You can play against the bots(cpu oponents), play 2-4 player split screen (bots only available in 1,2+3 player modes), or play on the super fast online gaming network Sega Net. Game modes include death match(duuu), team deathmatch, capture the flag, and the UT exclusive domination. Gameplay is a rich blend between hardcore shoot-outs and quick strategic thinking. Unreal Tournament has a cool style of Deathmatch, but where it shines is with Domination, where you get points for holding control points, and capture the flag. A major letdown is that there are only 4 capture the flag levels for 2, 3 and 4 player split screen, and one of the 4 levels isn't face. There are only a few domination and death match levels for 3 and 4 player levels too. One major flaw the bots have in the capture the flag levels is they always take the same path. They are very smart in knowing what to do when the flag is taken, and when they have it though. It dissapoints me you can only go up to inhuman instead of godlike AI though, inhuman just isn't good enough for a descent match.

Ratings (scale of 1-10):

Graphics: 7 -good graphics, but not very many levels with smooth 4 player split screen gameplay, and some of the levels get prety choppy.
Sound effects and music: 9 -kick the bottom thing that you sit on and let gas out with heavy metal music and great sound effects
Originality: 8 -Original game types and deathmatch style
Challenge: 8 -smart ai, and challenging multiplayer online or split screen
Overall: 8 -fun online or off, good balance, a lot of options