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Console Rankings


Best Games
Console Wars

Rankings from best to worst

Best Overall Hardware Ranking
1. Xbox
2. Game Cube
3. Dreamcast
4. Playstation 2

Fastest Loading Times
1. Xbox, Game Cube
3. Dreamcast
4. Playstation 2
Due to the awesome texture compression in Xbox and GC the loading times are quick.  There are a lot of games where you don't even notice the loading times.  Sometimes the Xbox take a bit longer to load because the levels are bigger than in GC.  This is because Xbox has more memory.

Best Graphics Capability
1. Xbox
2. Game Cube
3. Dreamcast
4. Playstation 2

Best Hardware for  the price
1. Dreamcast
2. Game Cube
3. Xbox
4. Playstation 2

Best Games
1. XBox: Halo, DOA3 Shenmue 2,ons of sports games, the list of must haves goes on and on.
2. Dreamcast: Shenmue, Soul Calibur, DOA2, Power Stone 1&2, Phantasy Star Online, and about 50 more awesome titles.
3. Playstation 2:  Final Fantasy, and some other playstation exclusives, mostly just sequals to PS1, the games have good potential, but they end up no good due to the crappy hardware.
4. Game Cube: Has some good games, but most of them are on every other system too, the games that are on both GC and PS2 are better on GC.  Pretty much all little kids games.

Best online play

1.  Xbox:  Xbox Live, Broadband Only, this is a good thing, almost never experience lag, just $50 a year and you are covered, no additional fees, voice chat in all games, with optional voice masking, impossible to cheat.  Also play Xbox Lan games like Halo over Gamespy for free.

3. Playstation 2:  modem and hard drive sold seperately, every game for itself, variable costs, sometimes free, plagued by lag in almost everygame, dial-up or broadband, voice chat in socom, but no other games.

4. Game Cube: Just Phantasy Star Online, no keyboard, no voice chat.
5. Dreamcast: Seganet no longer running, 56k modem included, broadband upgrade optional, many high quality games, keyboard chat, not much lag even with dial-up.

Best Controllers
1. Xbox:  The normal Xbox controller is the most comftorable controller ever!  If you have baby hands there is also the controller-s still very comftorable, controller has 2 built in rumble engines, the buttons are nice and smoothe, 2 analog sticks and one d-pad.  2 triggers can tell how far the player is holding them in.  2 slots in controller.  A whopping 10 feet of cord!
2. Dreamcast:  Very comftorable, 1 analog stick and 1 d-pad.  Rumble packs sold separately.  2 slots in controller.  Has room for a VMU (visual memory unit) that has a screen and can show you private data in multiplayer games (like play selection).  Doesn't have enough buttons.
3. Playstation 2:  Dual Shock controller is not comftorable, but not too bad either.  Has built in rumble engine, 2 analog sticks, one d-pad, the d-pad sucks and the analog are merely okay.  A lot of buttons.  Didn't really improve any from the Playstation.
4. Game Cube: Uncomftorable controller, especially for big hands, bad button and joystick placement. 

Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast