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 ruben grajeda <> wrote:

i recently purchased halo and i keep getting an ass
kicking when i play online. i know the the pistol is
the weapon of choice for many people . i dont
understand y or how people can be so acurate with the
pistol. is it just practice or do you have any tips
for me to use when using the pistol?

LocoPollo Says:  It is mostly just mad reflexes and hand-eye cooridination, this makes me good at all games, you can improve this a bit with practice.  But another aspect that many people are hurt by is the timing, if you shoot the pistol slower, instead of just holding the trigger down, it will shoot right in the middle of your circle croshair everytime.  And if you crouch while u shoot it, it doesnt kick as much, so u can shoot a little faster with perfect accuracy still.

 Todd Nichols <> wrote:

Just ran across your website while researching how my buddies and I could get beyond the 4 player, non-splitscreen multiplayer action in HALO.
Now..just to be're not talking about hooking up 4 Xboxes and running 4 way splitscreen on each TV right?  By your description it sounds like I could grab a ten port hub and then we could hook up 9 seperate XBOXes, with of them hooked up to the uplink port with a crossover cable.  We really don't want to run splitscreen at friends and I have all bought 19" TVs so we can play just about anywhere.
Blood Gultch with 16 players would freaking blow my mind! tactics for once!! 
If you have any links that delve into the setup further I'd love to have em..


Actually Halo only allows up to 4 xboxes in every game, so yes, i am talking about 4 way split screen on each xbox for a total of 16.  However, there are other games like time splitters 2 and Mech Assault, that allow more than 4 xboxes to be hooked together.  Also, you do not need to hook an xbox up to the uplink port, but usually you would becasue most people have a system link cable.

"a.kanitz" <> wrote:
i love halo and want to get a 16 player going. I was wondering what
kind of hub. I have found 2 4 port hubs im interested in. 1 is a DS104 4
Port 10/100 Dual Speed Hub...the other, EN104 4 Port 10BT Ethernet Hub. do
you use a 10/100(faster) or a 10(slower)?

and like you said you use cat 5 ethernet cords...So the xbox system link
ones won't work?

Please respond asap...i tried they dont know a thing
-------crazy music-------

LocoPollo says:   Ah yes, everybody loves 16 player halo, even people who don't normaly play video games love it.

i recomend a switch over a hub, they both do the same thing, but a switch is way faster.  I use a EtherFast 10/100 5-Port Workgroup Switch, i got it at best buy for 50 bucks, all of my freinds chipped in, so we each only paid like 10 bucks.  You only can use one of the system link cables, a system link cable is a crossover cable.  You use the system link cable to hook into the uplink on your switch/hub, this xbox will have to create all of the games.  You need regular ethernet cables for the rest of the joining xboxes.  These plug into the numbered ports ont he hub/switch.

you can use whatever kind of ethernet hub you want though, just follow those instructions.  I can also show you a picture on how to set this system up I made for somebody else with the same question.  If you want it just email me back, i'm on a different computer right now.

Xbox Local Area Network wrote:

Me and my friends tried to get a LAN party setup, but it didn't work, i saw on your site that the ethernet cables can't be x box brand(which we had), but we have also tried just regular category five cable that i stole from the school(they use it on their server), it doesn't work. then we even tried to buy a cat5 cable, but it doesn't work either.  i am wondering if you know of any specific brands/product numbers that you could tell me that you know for sure work so that we can finally have a LAN PARTY,  we play link games with 8 people almost every night(barring any unusual circumstances) and a lot of times we'll have like 10 or even up to 14 people and we have to rotate off(which sux).......PLEASE HELP ME!!

thank you,
brad penrose

LocoPollo says:  

 Ah, yes, i know how you feel.  Sometimes my freinds dont bring their xboxs, rotating is no fun. 

Here is what i use:

EtherFast 10/100 5-Port Workgroup Switch, we pooled are money together to buy it, it was $50.  We just bought ours at Best Buy.

3 Category 5 patch cables. (anywhere from a 1-50 dollars).  I just orderd three from this website , they have good deals.

1 Xbox System Link Cable, or cross-over category 5 cable. 

I dont know what kind the ones you got from your school are, i think the ones my school has are patch cables, but i'm not sure.

Here is what you have to do, i'm guessing you are doing something wrong here.  In your hub or switch (doesn't matter witch one u have) plug the system link cable (or cross-over cable) into the slot labled "uplink," then plug it into the Xbox you are going to create the games with.  This Xbox has to host the games, or else it won't work.  All of the patch cables go into the other slots on the hub/switch, and connect to the other Xboxs that will be joining the game.  My hub has a light that shows if the xboxs are communicating, if the light isn't on, you are doing it wrong.

If you do all of that right it will work.  If you would like i could also show you a picture with labels of how to set it up.

Thanks for contacting me about this.  Another thing you might have fun doing is playing on gamespy tunnel.  You can play lan games by hooking your xbox up to your computer, its fun if you just have 4 or less people at your house.  It tricks the xbox into thinking its on a lan, and lets you play the lan games online.

I get quite a few emails about halo and other stuff, if you email me with a good question i might just put it on this page.