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Halo Multiplayer Tips


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Halo multiplayer tips

Halo Multiplayer Strategies
General Multiplayer Srategy:
-Jumping around a lot makes it hard for you to get hit, never stand still, even when you are sniping, you never know if someone else is trying to shoot you.
-stand on a teleport, when someone tries to go through your screen will start turning white, back off it and melee them when they come through.
Rockets Strategy:
-Shoot at your opponents feet, the splash damage should kill them, if they are by a wall or rock shoot that.  Jump to avoid the splash damage when you are shot at.
CTF Strategy:
-Always leave at least one person gaurding the flag.
-When somone is getting the flag another person wait outside in a vehicle, then when the person with the flag gets out give them a ride or give the vehicle to them.
-Try to distract the enemy by having one person come from a certain angle and get in a firefight, then another person sneak over and grab the flag.
-If there are teleports leading to your base try to block them with vehicles.
-Bring vehicles into your base, and use them to gaurd your base
-Shoot them in the forehead for a 1 shot kill.  If you're not good enough to get the forehead just the head will get you a 2 shot kill
-you have to lead a moving target at longer distances
-use the pistol if they are close, it is easier to aim, 2 shots with the pistol in the forehead will kill
-if there is no radar, or if your enemy has an idea where you are NEVER stop moving.  A moving target is a lot harder to hit, even when you are shooting keep moving, it may be harder to aim but it is easier for you to hit them then them to hit you if you are moving